Need an Air Fryer that folds up?? [CHECK THIS]

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Welcome back to Air Fryer Bro, the place with the finger on the pulse of air fryers and air fryers trends (or that’s what I tell people anyway!!). Today we are looking at a fascinating new development in air fryers, an air fryer that can fold up!! Yes, you heard me right! If this feature peaks your interest, read on…..

if you want to fold an air fryer read this article.

What do you mean by an air fryer that folds up?

When you hear that an air fryer folds up, you may be thinking that it will literally fold up so that you can pack it into a big envelope and take it on holiday 🙂

This would be amazing, but sadly this is not exactly what we are talking about!! We are talking about an air fryer that is able to fold up when on your kitchen countertop. So, rather than sitting horizontally and flat on there, it can stand up vertical. Although this is for storage, not for cooking!

Who is behind this fold-able air fryer?

It is hardly surprising to me that ‘Ninja‘ are behind this new innovation, as they seem to be a company that likes to push the boundaries of air fryer technology. As far as I know, they were the first company to attempt putting a pressure cooker together with an air fryer in one combined kitchen appliance. In fact these Ninja Foodi air fryers have been wildly successful! You can see what I mean by clicking the image below and checking one of these Ninja Foodi air fryers out on Amazon. We also featured Ninja in our brands roundup page on this very site!!

What is the exact model that can fold?

That’s enough waffling on about air fryer models that DON’T fold, how about the ones that do?? Well that would be called the Ninja Foodi 8-in-1 Digital Air Fryer Oven (wow, that’s a long name). Again, you can click the image below to go view it on Amazon. In fact, you can see the folding mechanism in action over there, well at least photos of it anyway.

Thankfully we can see this new air fryer oven in action too by visiting Ninja Kitchen over on their Youtube channel. This video shows you the folding function as well as many examples of how you could use the product, so it is a great way to see exactly what it entails. Good job Ninja Kitchen! Hopefully, I will eventually get my hands on a unit myself to do my own video and full review!

Why would I need a folding air fryer?

The main reason that this air fryer folds up is to save space on your counter top. It will mean that the unit uses up around half the amount of countertop when in the raised vertical position. This would be useful for anyone in small kitchens (like my good self!!). Perfect for when you need to quickly store your air fryer.

This particular model also has a feature where you can remove the bottom panel and clean more thoroughly inside the unit (as you would have seen in the review). This is a great idea, as most normal air fryer ovens can be tricky to clean! Expect to see this feature on many more air fryer ovens soon!

Whatever you do, don’t try and cook in this position though 🙂

What is the best air fryer that folds up?

Well, at the moment this is easy to say as the Ninja Foodi air fryer oven is the only model I know of that has this feature. However, I expect that other manufacturers will catch on soon enough and then I can update this article further!

If you know of any air fryers that can fold, please let me know. I have looked around myself and have come up with nothing 🙂

Happy folding….

It is interesting to see the advent of folding air fryers, something that will probably become popular with people with smaller kitchens or those that have an addiction for buying way too many kitchen appliances. What I am waiting for though is the air fryer that will fold up and fit in your backpack 🙂 Hiking or camping will never be the same again 🙂 Ha ha!!

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