Best Air Fryer without Plastic [IS IT POSSIBLE?]

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Welcome back to Air Fryer Bro, the place that ONLY talks about air fryers! Today is a particularly good day to highlight this! When I was doing research to see if any other websites were answering the question of finding air fryers that don’t use plastic, I went to Google to see what I could find! I got some massive websites coming up, such as the Wirecutter! But none of them seemed to answer the question particularly well! This is where the Air Fryer Bro comes in!! What are the best air fryers without plastic? Let’s find out!

Before we start, I do have another article HERE which talks about the best Teflon Free air fryers you can buy. I assume if you are worried about plastic in your air fryer you might also worry about the use of Teflon!!

Can you really find air fryer without plastic?

In reality, it is pretty impossible to find an air fryer with no traces of plastic at all. There are bound to be several plastic components on even the best air fryers we will showcase here. However, especially if you go the air fryer oven route, you will find quite a few air fryers that have limited the plastic use well. There are definitely options for those not keen on plastic.

best air fryer without plastic.

What to watch out for?

When searching for plastic free air fryers you will find quite a few that use ‘stainless steel’ in their description. Upon further inspection, you will find that most of these just have a stainless steel finish. A lot of them call it a ‘stainless steel style’ finish and still use plastic. So watch out for that and do make sure to research the product thoroughly to make sure you fully understand the materials used.

The air fryer below is a good example. It is using a stainless steel finish to cover up plastic, so the main structure is still plastic underneath. This is, in my opinion, not helping you cut down on plastics, it is just adding some stainless steel to the mix 🙂 Click the image to see for yourself over at Amazon.

These are the Air fryers we would recommend (for people worried about plastic)

Maximatic to the Rescue

This Elite Platinum bucket air fryer by Maximatic is actually the only bucket style air fryer I can recommend, and even then it isn’t the best option on this list. The main attraction is that it uses a fully stainless steel cooking basket, the only air fryer I have ever seen to do this. You can click the image below to view this air fryer over at Amazon.

What I would say is that this isn’t the biggest air fryer in the world and it often gets good but not always glowing reviews over at Amazon. Here are some examples of the latest reviews piped straight through from Amazon.

Cuisinart Air Fryer Oven

Now we are getting into the best segment of air fryers for those worried about plastic, the air fryer ovens!! In fact, the rest of my recommendations will be air fryer ovens. The thing is, some of them want to follow the look and feel of a regular oven, therefore they often use more metal parts. This Cuisinart is an excellent example.

As well as being a mostly stainless steel air fryer oven, it is one that is well loved by a majority of its owners. You can read some of the latest Amazon reviews here:

The only thing to say is that, for an air fryer oven, this one is a little on the small side. Other than that, it is a great example of an air fryer oven.

If you want to find out more of the benefits (in general) that you get with an air fryer oven, you can read my full article on the subject HERE.

Otherwise, click the image below to go and view this Cuisinart Air Fryer oven over on Amazon.

Ninja Foodi 8 in 1 Air Fryer Oven

This is an air fryer oven you will see on Air Fryer Bro quite often, and for very good reason. Ninja have burst onto the air fryer scene recently and pretty much taken it by storm. With this air fryer oven you will see why.

For the purposes of this article, the most important factor is the lack of plastic. This is an all stainless steel construction with not a plastic piece in sight. Although some people think that the mounts inside the air fryer are plastic, but they are actually made from a ceramic material. This makes the Ninja Foodi air fryer oven an excellent choice for people worried about plastic.

You can click the image below to view this beast of an air fryer over at Amazon.

By the wonders of modern website technology, you can also see some of the latest reviews piped straight over from Amazon below:

COSORI 12-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

This is the final air fryer oven we will recommend, the Cosori air fryer oven. As well as having a lot of stainless steel in its construction, I like the size of this air fryer oven. It would be big enough to suit a wide range of cooking scenarios. Cosori has turned into somewhat of a trusted brand within the air fryer community in the last few years too. Not the absolute tip top quality, but a solid offering at a competitive price.

Take a look at some of the most recent Amazon reviews below to make your own mind up:

You can also take a look at this Cosori air fryer oven on Amazon by clicking the image below:

Are there any other options?

If you hate plastic in your air fryers, you may be wondering if you have any other options. Well, the answer is…..kind of!!

There are halogen ovens that use very little plastic, as they are based on a huge glass bowl. The only plastic to be found is usually in the lid that holds the heating and electronic elements.

I used to own one of these convection style halogen ovens, and I don’t personally like them that much. I would rate these types of halogen ovens as more similar to a regular oven than the deep-fat fryer that an air fryer usually aims for. I do have another whole article on this subject, if you are interested in reading further about this.

If, after reading this, you do fancy going the halogen oven route. The only model I can recommend is the Big Boss halogen oven below. Click the image to see it over at Amazon.

Although I am not a big fan, a lot of people do swear by these halogen ovens. You can read some of the latest Amazon reviews on this Big Boss model below:

Plastic No More!

Hopefully, our article will give you some ideas for air fryers you can buy even if you hate the use of plastic. There are some good choices out there, especially if you don’t mind owning an air fryer oven. It’s a shame that plastic is the main material used in almost all traditional bucket style air fryers. Hopefully, over time a wider variety of air fryer makers will think more about producing metal bucket air fryers too.

If you have found any good examples of plastic free air fryers yourself, we would love to hear all about them in the comments section below.

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