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As the Air Fryer Bro I am always looking for inspiration for my next air fryer meals. I have bought and reviewed some excellent air fryer based recipe books from Amazon, but if you don’t want to spend any money, there are some excellent recipes booklets made by the various air fryer manufacturers (anything from Tower to Ninja). And the best thing is they are all freely available for you to download on the internet. This means you can get ideas for your air fryer kitchen without spending a dime. Want an air fryer cookbook PDF that has air fryer recipes for beginners? Read on…

Just to point out that I am not the owner of these recipe books, I simply want to provide a resource to link out to the available free air fryer cookbooks. Think of it of a directory of sorts 🙂

Without further ado, here are the recipe booklets available at the time of writing. I will be updating this post as I find more of these online. I do the legwork so you don’t have to!

Cosori Free Air Fryer Recipe Booklet

I have been very impressed by the quality of the recipes and accompanying photographs in this free Cosori air fryer recipe PDF booklet. For such a new air fryer maker they are already doing a good job. Use the buttons below to download this directly from Cosori or from this website.

Philips Free Air Fryer Recipe Booklet

Philips are one of the founding members of the air fryer revolution, so of course they also have their own free air fryer recipe booklet in PDF form. It’s a solid 30 pages long and comes with some decent recipes and solid photographs to match.

Ninja Air Fryer Cookbook PDF (FREE)

Ninja have taken the air fryer world by storm, being both bold and innovative in their approach. These recipe books show why. Well presented, with recipes, tips and cooking charts all included for free. This is a free recipe booklet I will be using and makes me want to use one of their air fryer too!!

The above recipe booklet is for their traditional basket or bucket style air fryer. They also have a different recipe booklet below specifically designed for their air fryer oven.

Emeril’s Power Air Fryer 360 Free Recipe Booklet

This power air fryer 360 is endorsed by celebrity chef Emeril Lagasse so you would expect it to have a top notch recipe booklet. Trust me it doesn’t disappoint, with some quality air fryer recipes and great looking photos alongside. You will get a lot of air fryer recipe inspiration from this free booklet!

Power Air Fryer Free Recipe Booklet by Eric Theiss

Power Air Fryer have often teamed up with Eric Theiss and QVC to help them present their air fryers to the public. This marriage proves to be one made in heaven when it comes to free air fryer recipe booklets, as they have come up with this 241 page beauty. This is more like a fully fledged recipe book than just a booklet, truly impressive stuff.

Gourmia Air Fryer Free Recipe Booklet

Gourmia has been around for a while and has sold many air fryers to boot. For such an established company in this market they have honed their recipe booklets it seems. I particularly like the air frying cooking charts at the back of the recipe booklet, which would help out even the most experienced air fryer user.

TurboTronic Air Fryer Oven Free Recipe Booklet

TurboTronic are not exactly a household name in the world of air fryers but they have recently entered the market with some pretty solid products. This has been backed up by some decent air fryer recipe booklets to accompany their air fryers. This one is short but sweet at only twelve pages long but certainly worth a look if you need air fryer recipe inspiration 🙂

Tefal Free Air Fryer Recipe Booklet

I am sure most of us have heard of the powerhouse of Tefal when it comes to kitchen appliances. Tefal have been making air fryers for a while and therefore have made some solid free air fryer recipe booklets to pack with their appliances. This one is decent, but a bit short at just 21 pages long. However, I would download this for their air fried curried prawn recipe alone!

Breville Free Air Fryer Recipe Booklet

Breville is a powerhouse of kitchen appliances so it was inevitable that they would get into the air fryer market. The air fryer recipe booklet linked below is an excellent one designed for their smart air fryer oven. At 49 pages, this recipe booklet is pretty long and extensive, which is great to see. This would be particularly helpful if you also own an air fryer oven.

Tower Air Fryer Recipe Book PDF (Free Download)

Tower Housewares have been a growing force in the world of air fryers, especially in the UK and Europe. Tower clearly wants to help you cook the healthiest meals you can with your Tower Air Fryer. They have a free cookbook for you to download. It’s filled with scrumptious and healthy recipes from the chefs over at Tower Housewares 🙂

Midea Air Fryer Recipe Booklet

Midea is a Chinese air fryer brand launched in 2015. It is one of the biggest air fryer brands in China and has a strong presence in other Asian countries. Its products are made in China, like many other air fryer brands. Midea has managed to build its reputation among American consumers by providing very attractive prices. Thankfully, they do offer an air fryer recipe booklet in English, but be aware that it is a booklet from the South African market. However, it should be fine for anyone that can read English 🙂

Instant Vortex by Instant Pot Recipe Booklet

Instant Pot are clearly trying to be environmentally friendly by not including printed recipe booklets with their air fryers (or that’s what they would tell us anyway!), although they do on some of their other product lines! This means they do not have a PDF recipe booklet, but they do have a horribly designed (in my opinion anyway) website dedicated to air fryer and instant pot recipes. For some reason they don’t let you filter recipes by appliance type (Instant Pot are you listening?), so you have to guess whether a recipe is Instant Pot or Instant Pot related 🙂 Anyway, check it out below.

I hope this set of free air fryer recipe booklets will give you a good free source of air fryer recipes. It’s also great to get an insight into the quality and features of some of the main air fryer brands. This will give you some ideas when buying a new air fryer in the future!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Complete Air Fryer Cookbook PDF free download, is it possible?

Unfortunately, some other websites in the air fryer space are not as ethical as I am. One in particular is drawing thousands of clicks from Google every month saying you can get ‘the complete air fryer cookbook pdf free download’ when in fact they are linking to a paid version of a totally different and inferior cookbook. So I am adding this question to my article in the hope Google with start directing people to this page instead, and find out that the only way to get the actual ‘Complete Air Fryer Cookbook PDF’ for ‘free’ is by heading over to Amazon and subscribing to their Kindle Unlimited service. Yes, you can download the Complete Air Fryer Cookbook with 1200 Effortless Recipes for your air fryer. Yes, it is an Air Fryer Cookbook For Beginners, has 1200 Affordable, Easy and delicious Air Fryer Recipes for Fast & Healthy Meals! BUT it’s not free, you either pay for it or subscribe to the Amazon Kindle Unlimited service. Here’s the link:

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