Can I Put Silicone Accessories into my Air Fryer?

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Welcome back to Air Fryer Bro and another article dripping with air fryer facts 🙂 Today the subject is silicone, a material that has become increasingly popular in the modern kitchen. But the question is ‘Can I use silicone in an air fryer?’, a question I hear a lot in air fryer circles (especially amongst new users). Today I will give my answer to this question and let you know whether your silicone molds and other accessories are safe inside your air fryer.

The short answer is yes, you can use silicone accessories and cookware in your air fryer. Just make sure that it is pure and high-quality silicone, which can withstand the temperatures in an air fryer without breaking down or releasing harmful chemicals.

For the long answer, please read on….

What is Silicone? Why is it Used in the Kitchen?

Silicone (technically known as polysiloxane) is a sort of hybrid that you get by making a cross between a plastic and a rubber. Any polymer made from siloxane can be known as silicone. In its raw form, silicone is colorless (unlike the day glow products it is often turned into!). All of the components that go into silicone are from natural origins (rock and sand), meaning that silicone is totally non-toxic to humans.

Silicone is an excellent material for use in kitchen utensils and accessories, as it is able to withstand high temperatures without the risk of leeching chemicals or off-gasing (unlike plastic). Silicone can typically withstand temperatures of around 200 degrees Celsius with ease. Making it perfect for use in hot kitchen appliances.

Another major benefit of silicone in the kitchen is that it is supremely non stick. Getting food to stick onto silicone during the cooking process is almost impossible, so it makes the cleanup much easier than when you use metal alternatives.

Can I Use Silicone in my Air Fryer?

I would say that silicone would be one of the best materials to use in your air fryer, as it is proven to withstand high heats without any concern about off-gasing.

Let’s take some real examples of silicone molds from Amazon. The one below says in the listing that it has an operating temperature ranging from -40°C to 230°C, so it is easily within the temperatures likely inside an air fryer. This listing also talks about this silicone mold as having ‘Extremely high temperature resistance’.

And here is another example of a typical silicone mold from Amazon. When you look at the product listing it states an operational temperature range of -20℉~450℉(-30℃~230℃), so it is another example of a product that could easily withstand the heat of air fryer technology. There is even one customer that talks about this mold working great in an air fryer (as long as it fits).

For me, this backs up my initial thought that products made from silicone are well suited to air fryers. They can withstand high heat and they are less likely than other plastics to give off or leech harmful chemicals.

Are There any Downsides of Using Silicone in my Air Fryer?

If you have used any kind of silicone cookware, you will know it is ultra flexible to the point of being floppy! This will mean you have to be super careful when transferring anything vaguely heavy too and from your air fryer. Otherwise your freshly air fried cookies will end up on the floor!!

Also, silicone doesn’t conduct heat as well as metal cookware, so you may have issues with uneven cooking. The bottom of those cupcakes may not be as evenly cooked as you might have liked! Having said that, with a little experience, you soon get used to cooking with silicone.

Finally, good quality pure silicone cookware can be slightly more expensive than other more traditional alternatives. As silicone gets more popular, that price should start coming down though.

What to Look for when Buying Silicone for an Air Fryer?

When buying silicone molds and other accessories to go inside your air fryer, there are a couple of important considerations to remember. The main one being that you want to make sure the silicone is of a high quality. Whilst pure silicone is great for air fryers, some low quality silicone cookware might contain fillers that could potentially break down at high heat.

The best way to know that your silicone is of high quality is to only buy FDA approved silicone items. It may seem like a hassle, as you will find many cheap cookware that don’t mention this FDA approval thing. However, your health (and the health of your family) should be your top priority over cost and convenience. Take your time, pay a bit more and get a silicone product that is FDA approved. With all of these generic brand Chinese made silicone products out there, this step is a must for me.

How Do I Take Care of my Silicone Air Fryer Accessories?

Silicone is a particularly hardy material. It won’t bat an eyelid at being put straight from a freezer into an oven, for example. It’s also almost impossible to tear, so these things pretty much last forever.

Just make sure not to scrub your silicone with anything abrasive. If you have stuck on grime, simply soak the item in hot and soapy water for a while and then wipe with a non-abrasive sponge or cloth.

Silicone Away!

There you have it, silicone is totally game for use in an air fryer. I personally love using my silicone cookware in my air fryer, and my collection of silicone air fryer accessories is now overtaking most other types of accessories I use. Once you have tried it you will love it, trust me!!

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