What to Put under Your Air Fryer to Protect the Countertop? TRY THESE :)

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Air fryers have become a new kitchen phenomenon in recent years, and you see more and more of them in kitchens across the country (and even the world!) However, in my experience many of these new air fryer users don’t always understand the power this exciting new appliance has! Yes, it will melt stuff if you don’t place it well! And it has been known to crack countertops! I wrote a whole article about it! For this very reason, you need to place something under your air fryer to protect your countertop. In this article, I will show you some of the best options for this….

Before we start, just to let you know that you can view any of the recommended products over at Amazon by clicking the image.

Range Kleen Silver Counter/Table Protector Mat

This is a heat resistant mat that looks nicer than most and lets you protect your countertop whilst keeping it classy 🙂 It is a metal mat with rubber backing and a rather attractive silver design. I like the fact that it is non-slip and will stay in place. And it has more than enough heat protection for the heat an air fryer could generate.

I think the particular mat that I have linked below is the perfect size for many air fryers, but be sure to measure the exact dimensions of yours and buy a mat that fits. They do come in a range of different sizes.

The only downside of this particular mat is the fact that it is possible to dent the silver top, so if you do buy this one, treat it with care. I don’t see a problem with this myself, as the main purpose is to place an air fryer on it and not to chop food or anything!!

KimTin 60cm×40cm Heat Resistant Mat

If the first option in the list is more ‘bling bling’ then this option is a bit more understated 🙂 A plain black mat that should match with pretty much any kitchen design that exists! Having said that, it does come in other colors if black isn’t your thing.

This mat goes for the more flexible silicone material rather than the rigid metal of the first mat above. This would make it much easier to store when not in use. And if you were worried about the potential denting problem talked about with the metal mat, you won’t have such issues with a silicone mat.

And being such a simple mat made from silicone (food grade, of course!), it comes in at a much cheaper price than its metal counterpart. And, as you know, silicone is pretty much the most heat resistant thing a mat can be made out of! It’s used in baking accessories after all 🙂

This is also easier to clean, as it is even dishwasher safe! Yes, you heard me! Pick it up and stick it in the dishwasher every so often and hey presto! Clean as a whistle!

AZRHOM Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board for Kitchen

Why settle for silicone or metal when you could have wood? And not any old wood! This is American sourced walnut wood, none the less. This option is great if you want to go for that rustic farmhouse styling with your heat protection 🙂 This chunky walnut board would fit right in.

Of course, I can hear those now shouting at me ‘but it’s for chopping stuff’ and to those people I would say ‘think outside the box’. A nice chunky and well sized wooden chopping board offers the perfect heat protection for an air fryer….and more importantly, it looks classy whilst doing it 🙂

Think of this as a serious restaurant grade piece of kit, something I would refer to as a butcher’s block. So if you want your heat resistant mat to piece work of a work or art or statement piece, this is the option for you. Yes, you are paying more for the privilege. But, as with many things in life, you do get what you pay for! As soon as you get this thing in the mail, you will know it’s a quality item!

This board does come in many different sizes, so make sure to measure up and buy the size you need for your particular air fryer. And to be clear, although the board is designed in America and the walnut is sourced there too, the actual construction is carried out in China (as you might expect these days).

If you want something totally sourced and manufactured in America, I would recommend a very similar walnut board (seen below) from Virginia Boys Kitchens. It uses sustainably sourced wood to boot!

KORVOS 304 Food-Grade Stainless Steel Cutting Board

As you can see from the name, this is in fact a chopping board in nature. But its style is totally different from the others listed above. It has a different approach, to be a massive board that effectively replaces a large section of your kitchen countertop. This could be particularly useful if you have a large air fryer or air fryer oven.

As you may have also gathered from its name, this is a stainless steel cutting board (304 premium stainless steel nonetheless) that is 0.05 inch thick. It would provide more than enough protection from the heat coming off your air fryer. The multi layer nature of its construction would also make it long lasting and durable.

I like the industrial kitchen vibe this board if giving off; I think it would fit right into a lot of modern kitchens. Just be aware that this thing is massive in size (in does come in two sizes though). So make sure that your kitchen can accommodate it!

Although this is not the most expensive item on this list, it’s up there in price. Like the walnut chopping boards mentioned earlier, this is a quality item that I feel is worth that extra money.

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