Best Air Fryer for under $100 on Amazon [MY TOP 6]

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Welcome back to Air Fryer Bro. Today I want to write an article for all those budget conscious people out there and recommend the best air fryers I like for under $100 on Amazon. Please be aware that I will not talk about exact prices in this article, as they can change all of the time. Please go over to Amazon yourself to get the latest pricing for the products detailed below. This is easily done by clicking on the product image. Also, I am going by the retailers original pricing and will not include any special discounts being run at the time of writing. Again, please check Amazon to find this out for yourself.

Without further a do, here are the Air Fryer Bro’s favourite air fryers for under $100 on Amazon! (in no particular order!)

Ultrean 6 Quart Air Fryer

When we are dealing with air fryers at this price point, you will be dealing with companies that you may have never heard of before. It is pretty much impossible to go with a well known brand when you are buying a kitchen appliance this cheap. TV shopping channels such as QVC may make you think that PowerXL and GoWise are big air fryer brands that have models in this price range. However, in my experience these brands don’t have quality any better than the lesser known brands here. This is why you will not see me recommend such brands highly here.

This Ultrean 6 quart air fryer is a prime example of what I am talking about. First of all, it is great to get an air fryer as large as this one for under $100. Secondly, this model gets a near perfect Amazon rating with over 1000 user reviews submitted. Add to this an 18 month comprehensive warranty and you have an excellent all round air fryer package! So if you don’t see Power XL and GoWise recommended here, this is exactly why!

If you need a budget air fryer for your family, simply put this is the best option out there at the time of writing. It looks great on your countertop too!!

COSORI Air Fryer (3.4 Quart)

Cosori are an up and coming air fryer brand right now, and frankly they are killing it in terms of air fryer design right now! There first set of air fryers were very well received, and they have followed up by releasing the model pictured below, which looks ever more impressive. I am loving the modern and sleek design for a start. The digital display comes across as being excellently designed, simple and user friendly for most people to use.

Cosori offer excellent customer service for such a new company, and I would certainly feel safe buying any of their air fryer products. The only downside of this particular model is the fact it is almost half the size of the Ultrean air fryer mentioned above it. This would be fine for a couple or possibly a small family, but you would need to start batch cooking for any household bigger than that.

Like the Ultrean air fryer mentioned earlier, this Cosori model is getting an almost perfect Amazon user score with over 300 reviews at the time of writing. You might usually think this is too low of a user base to totally trust, but the previous model this one replaced did the exact same thing with over 2000 user reviews. This gives me the confidence that Cosori are not just a flash in the pan.

Paula Deen 6.13 Quart XL Air Fryer

I don’t know who Paula Deen got to make her air fryer, but whoever it was they did an excellent job (to me they look similar to Secura air fryers!!). I am in several Air Fryer communities, and this particular model is well loved! As with the Ultrean mentioned earlier, this is an impressive 6 quart in size, being more than enough for most families!

For this price, one of its unique selling points is that it uses a ceramic non stick coating rather than a Teflon one (great if you have birds!!). It also uses dials rather than a digital display, so in theory there is less to go wrong.

The only downside for me is the slightly ugly design, but I am sure most people won’t care about that! Luckily, it comes in a good range of colours, meaning you can find a color that makes this air fryer look its best 🙂

Well done Paula Deen, you’ve done us proud with this excellent but affordable air fryer!

Dash DFAF455GBAQ01 Deluxe Electric Air Fryer (6 Quart)

Dash have been building a good reputation in the air fryer world over the years. They are most famous for their small and micro air fryers, but most people don’t realise they make decent bigger air fryers too!

This Dash model (with all those funny letters in its name) comes in at a whopping 6 quarts, about as big as you can get at this price range! This provides enough cooking space for all but the most demanding households! I also like the simple and retro design, I am sure it would look great in most kitchens. With the retro dials, the Dash air fryer is also less likely to break than one with a digital display.

The only downside here is the non-stick coating on the air fryer’s basket. Yes, most basket/ bucket style air fryers have non-stick coatings that need taking care of. However, this one seems particularly weak and prone to peeling and flaking. If you buy it, just make sure to treat this non-stick coating with kid gloves. No scrubbing allowed!!

Other than that, this Dash air fryer is a great choice for anyone with a budget under $100.

CROWNFUL 9-in-1 Air Fryer (10.6 Quart)

This is utterly insane that you can get an air fryer oven of this size for under $100. This is the benefit of going with new up and coming air fryer brands. If you are worried about the air fryers typical flaking and peeling non-stick coating, this is the type of air fryer for you. Air fryer ovens use metal racks (like found in a regular oven) and therefore don’t suffer with the peeling non-stick coating problem.

This particular Crownful model comes with baking style trays. They do appear to have some type of non-stick coating on them, but can easily and cheaply be replaced with whatever baking trays/ racks you need. A baking tray is much easier to replace than an air fryer basket (where the peeling usually happens).

And not only that, this Crownful model is pretty big at 10.6 quarts, and comes with a rotisserie function that lets you cook a whole chicken. Amazing!

Of course, when dealing with such an unknown brand we need to check the Amazon reviews. Although there are only just coming up to 200 reviews at the time of writing, most are frankly glowing. This would give me the confidence to buy this air fryer is I wanted an oven style.

Iconites 8-in-1 Air Fryer (6.5 Quart)

Yet another air fryer oven for under $100, something we would not have imagined when this style of air fryer first came out. Yes, it is from another random and maybe even generic air fryer brand, but this model also has benefits worth taking note of.

As well as this being a crazy price for an air fryer oven, this Iconites model would be perfect for anyone worried about the non-stick coating peeling on their air fryer. This is because the trays and interior of this air fryer oven are all stainless steel. With non-stick coatings in a lot of air fryers being easy to damage, this really is a big plus for an air fryer under $100.

At 6.5 quarts, this is a fairly small size for an air fryer oven, but still pretty big when you compare with the traditional bucket style air fryers in this article. For this reason, it doesn’t come with anything like a rotisserie function, but it does have more space than your average air fryer.

And although this Iconites air fryer only has just over 150 user reviews, like the Crownful model above, it is tough to find a negative one. This is impressive for such a small and unheard of brand!

For anyone wanting an air fryer oven, this model is certainly well worth a punt! The design is not bad looking either 🙂

What Air Fryer Not to Buy at $100

When you are searching for air fryers, sometimes an ‘air fryer’ like this Big Boss model below will pop up!

However, trust me, these are convection ovens and not in the same league as regular air fryers. These convection ovens have been around for longer than air fryers, and used to be named as such. However, after the air fryer trend started, some manufacturers of these ovens decided they could sell more units by adding the air fryer label to them.

Don’t get me wrong, they are not awful. I have owned both in my time and (in my opinion) the regular air fryers provide something more powerful and closer to deep fried cooking. When I owned these glass bowled convection ovens, I treated them more like a regular oven.

As always, these are just my opinions, and feel free to let us all know yours in the comments section below. I always welcome input and insight from the community! I am not a ‘know it all’, just a guy that loves using air fryers 🙂

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