Philips VS Cosori: Which Air Fryer Brand is Best?

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As someone who has been working with air fryers for many years, I have seen the rise of Cosori as an air fryer brand versus the established stalwart that is Philips (in the air fryer world anyway!) But which air fryer brand is best? Read on to find out my opinions on the Philips VS Cosori air fryer brand grudge match!

Before we start, please note that you can use the table of contents above to jump straight into the sections that interest you most. Otherwise, please read on 🙂

History of Philips as an Air Fryer Brand

When it comes to air fryers, Philips is the original ‘OG’ (as the kids like to say) brand. They were probably making air fryers when a lot of you were in diapers 🙂

Convection ovens had been around since the 1940s, but Philips came up with the idea of a ‘convection oven on steroids’ in the early 2000s that would replace the deep fryers that used hot oil to fry much craved for food such as french fries and fried chicken 🙂 In 2010 they launched the first ever kitchen appliance labeled as an ‘air fryer’ specifically targeted at the residential consumer market.

In my opinion, not much has changed since then. Philips have not exactly been setting the air fryer world alight with innovation. Their tried and trusted Rapid Air Technology has been in place for many years, and if you look at that first air fryer in 2010 and what they offer in 2024, not much has changed frankly.

They are the solid reliables of the air fryer market, churning out high quality but somewhat expensive air fryers.

History of Cosori as an Air Fryer Brand

If Philips started the whole air fryer thing off, Cosori has gained much success by riding on their coat-tails. Cosori was not even a brand until 2016, and they launched into the massively growing air fryer market as a major focus of their new brand.

The first few batches of air fryers they released onto the market were not that remarkable by design or features, but they became popular because they could offer at reliable air fryer experience at a much cheaper price than their more established competition. The pure weight of good customer reviews on many popular consumer electronics ecommerce sites helped turn them into a well known and trusted air fryer brand.

With this commercial success, the latest batch of Cosori air fryers has shown a much better level of design and feature innovation (although still not on the cutting edge like fellow new brand Ninja). I found this out with my recent review of a Cosori air fryer. And the prices are still competitive despite this new look.

Philips VS Cosori: Air Fryer Grudge Match

Let’s go through some key factors you should consider when buying an air fryer and decide who wins out of Philips and Cosori in each area. Below is the overview, followed by a detailed explanation.

Warranty + SupportX
Product RangeX

Quality: Winner Philips

Philips still win out when it comes to the ultimate air fryer quality. Go read their reviews online by customers and you will see very reviews problems related to quality issues. Cosori is not bad, they have solid quality but won’t be quite as long lasting as the Philips appliances.

Price: Winner Cosori

Clearly, Cosori has an advantage when it comes to air fryer price. The recommended retail price is already much lower on Cosori air fryers than Philips, and you will find on top of this that Cosori air fryers will go on special discount more often too. All in all, if price is your main factor Cosori is the clear winner.

Warranty and Support: Winner Cosori

When it comes to customer support, my experiences with both companies is similar. Both are far from perfect but will offer a solid support experience most of the time. Where Cosori pips it is with the warranty. What the warranty covers is the same for both companies, but Cosori offers slightly longer coverage. Philips offers a year warranty, but Cosori offers two years if you register on their website.

Product Range: Winner Cosori

The Philips range of air fryers hasn’t changed much over the years. Other than a few minor tweaks to the exterior design, the other difference is that they offer a much wider range of sizes these days. They do offer a ‘twin’ air fryer, but this is just a XXL size air fryer with a metal partition rather than two individually controlled baskets.

Cosori, on the other hand, has a more varied range of air fryers. Yes, they offer a good variety of sizes like Philips. But they also have smart air fryers that have an app to control the air fryer (Philips only have recipe apps), as well as air fryer ovens. Basically, an air fryer in the form factor of an oven.

Performance: Winner Philips

I am not saying that the Cosori cooking performance is bad, most people won’t notice much of a difference. But for the ultimate air frying performance and crisp, Philips still holds the crown here.

BPA/PFOA Free?: Winner Cosori

With the average air fryer consumer being much more educated these days (thanks largely to the internet), many are demanding that their air fryer’s non stick coating is both BPA and PFOA free. This ensures fewer dangerous chemicals are used in the manufacture of the air fryer.

Cosori clearly states both in their product listings and customer support replies that the non-stick coating is both BPA and PFOA free. However, for some reason, Philips are somewhat quiet on the matter. They don’t include any information on this, either within their product listings or the customer support requests that just go unanswered by any official Philips people.

For transparency alone, Cosori wins here.

Cosori VS Philips: Who wins the Air Fryer Grudge Match?

If you want to choose from a wide selection of good quality air fryers at competitive prices, Cosori is the clear winner. If you want the ultimate in quality and performance at any cost, Philips would be the air fryer brand for you. If you can put up with the question mark hanging over their BPA/PFOA free compliance.

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