Best Stainless Steel Air Fryers [EXTERIOR DESIGN!]

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For those ‘old school’ Air Fryer Bro Readers, you will know that a while back, I wrote an article detailing my favorite stainless steel air fryers. In that article, I was talking about stainless steel in the interior of the air fryer. However, a lot of people are also interested in air fryers with stainless steel used in the exterior design. Metal effect kitchen appliances of all kinds are highly desirable, right? In this article, I will tell you my favorite metal effect or stainless steel clad air fryers.

In this article, if you want to view any of the recommended air fryers, simply click on the image to be taken straight over to your local Amazon store. I will not talk about exact pricing in this article either, as it is so changeable. You should use Amazon to get the latest prices.

Is This Real Stainless Steel?

When talking about the exterior of an air fryer, it is highly unlikely that any manufacturer would put real stainless steel on their air fryer (unless you want to pay $500 for your air fryer!!). So any time I say stainless steel in the article, please assume I am talking about faux stainless steel, just to be totally clear. It is more about the aesthetic look than the actual physical material, in this case.

My 7 Top Stainless Steel Design Air Fryers

1. Oster DiamondForce Nonstick XL 5 Quart Digital Air Fryer

First up, you may be surprised to see an air fryer from Oster. Although Oster hasn’t been in the air fryer industry that long, they have been in the kitchen appliance market in America for decades. In terms of air fryers, I first saw them producing massive air fryer ovens (that also use a stainless steel design). Now they haven’t entered the smaller size air fryer market as well.

The design of this Oster air fryer really blew me away. It has a real futuristic angled stainless steel design that I personally love. Frankly, most air fryer makers just slap on some stainless steel look to the front of their standard looking air fryers and be done with it. Not so Oster. This is a really unique looking unit that will become a statement piece in your kitchen. If you like the stainless steel look, I assume you are all about design. The Oster air fryer would be a perfect fit.

This air fryer does have some other awesome features to back up its good looks too. The DiamondForce name in the title of the air fryer refers to their unique (and apparently very long lasting) interior coating that has diamond particles in it. Weak non-stick coatings have been a weak spot in air fryers in the past, so it is good to see manufacturers innovating in this area.

Otherwise, this is a pretty standard but solid air fryer with all the usual things. Including a multi functional digital display and dehydrate function.

Just be aware that this is a mid-sized air fryer, coming it at 5 quarts. Lager families may have to resort to batch cooking. Considering this comes from an established American brand such as Oster, I feel that the price is excellent too.

2. T-Fal Easy Fry XXL Air Fryer and Grill

Tefal is another well known kitchen appliance maker, who have also been involved with air fryers for a while already. For me, I have found most of their offerings gimmicky and therefore you don’t often see them recommended on Air Fryer Bro. For example, they have the Tefal Actifry, with its always turning air fryer basket!

However, this T-Fal (I prefer to old school Tefal name but hey-ho) air fryer is different. It is simpler and cleaner in nature, coming with a more traditional air fryer package. What stands out for me here is the striking use of stainless steel in their design coupled with an overall great looking unit.

Rather than simply giving their unit a stainless steel look face, they have given it a stainless steel band that wraps out the top part of the appliance. I really like the look of this, as I feel it gives you a unique looking and almost head turning (as much as an air fryer can be) unit!

With the obligatory digital panel at the top of the unit, it gives the air fryer a really clean look. I know I harped on about the design of the Oster, but I like this one even more!

And finally, an air fryer maker that agrees with me and says in the product information that you don’t need to preheat this air fryer! Yay 🙂

Other than this, you have all the typical air fryer functions I would expect and enjoy. This air fryer unit comes in at 5.9 quarts in size, so slightly bigger than the Oster above but still considered a medium-sized air fryer to me. It is also on the higher side of the scale in terms of price, as you are paying for that Tefal (or T-Fal) name 🙂

3. Instant Vortex Plus 4 Quart Air Fryer

Instant have become incredibly well known for the Instant Pot kitchen appliance that heavily tended a while back (is it a decade already??), but they are now building a solid if unremarkable reputation in the air fryer market too. You can just look at their customer reviews on Amazon and you can see they are becoming well loved for their air fryers now.

This particular air fryer has a pretty standard, even basic, air fryer design. This has been enhanced by the stainless steel look panels at the front of the unit. This is not going to win any design awards, but it certainly won’t look out of place in your kitchen!

I think the biggest selling point for me is the price. You are getting a well know brand and a solid unit, but at a middle to low end price. This is because the unit has been out for a few years and comes with a mid range price that is often discounted in places such as Amazon.

I am reviewing the 4 quart size here, but you can also get the 6 quart version if you pay slightly more. Other than that, there isn’t much else to say. You have all those other features you would expect in a typical air fryer these days. If you want a bigger brand at a good price, this would be the unit for you in my book.

4. Dreamiracle Digital Airfryer

We are now getting into the realms of more generic air fryer brands that you have probably never heard of. This Dreamiracle brand is probably a prime example. When dealing with these lesser known brands, I simply look at the customer reviews on a trusted site such as Amazon, as use this as a basis for how good and high quality the unit is. This one has a 4.6 star rating on Amazon at the time of writing, so passes this test for me.

And this is a bigger sized air fryer clocking in at 8 quarts, perfect for those of you that either eat a lot or have a big family to feed. It also makes it much easier to cook something such as a whole chicken when you have an air fryer of this size.

Again, this unit goes for a simple design seen on many other air fryers, so it won’t exactly stand out in the crowd. The stainless steel look is nice, but nothing special. As well as the size, the special thing here is the price. I often find this unit heavily discounted, and even at the regular price, you are getting a lot of air fryer for your money.

5. Ultrean 8 Quart Air Fryer

To most people, Ultrean is probably a unknown brand. However, for someone that hangs around in the air fryer community, I know that Ultrean has been knocking out some well-liked air fryers for some years now. As with the last generic brand, you won’t get anything special or unique here. What you will get is a solid stainless steel looking air fryer for a competitive price.

As the name suggests, we have another larger air fryer here at 8 quarts. This will allow you to cook more inside your unit without the need for batch cooking. I personally really like the convenience of these larger sized air fryers.

I do also prefer the design of this air fryer, with its rounded look, to that of Dreamiracle above. For a small and relatively unknown brand, this unit looks decent. I certainly wouldn’t feel ashamed having it on my kitchen countertop 🙂 The integrated digital panel looks clean too.

6. COMFEE’ 3.7QT Electric Air Fryer

Comfee is an interesting name for an air fryer brand, so clearly we are looking at another one of those generic, unheard of brands. But what Comfee offers here is the ability to by a small form factor air fryer with a stainless steel look.

Coming in at a mere 3.7 quart in size, it is the perfect air fryer for anyone looking for something small form factor. The footprint of this thing is tiny! It does have a pretty old school design with its rotary dials and all. But look on the bright side, this will mean there is less to go wrong with the unit in the long run.

And if design is a key factor for you, maybe look elsewhere, as this Comfee is one of the most generic and boring looking air fryers I have ever seen. It’s a good job it has those stainless steel accents to give us something nice to look at 🙂

Have it said that, there are a whopping 2298 customer reviews over at Amazon, and it is sitting at a rating of 4.5 at the time of writing. So you are definitely buying something that their users like!

7. Kitcher 6.8Qt Air Fryer

Last but not least, I have the Kitcher air fryer. I thought I recognized this name Kitcher as some kind of quality German brand, but it turns out to be a pretty generic brand based out of America. They own the website domain though, so they must have decent financial backing. I dread to think what they paid for that!

What you will get here is a great looking stainless steel look air fryer. I actually think this is the best looking unit amongst the ‘no name’ brands. It has a sleek and stylish look to me, which is only enhanced by the stainless steel panels. I also like how they have integrated the digital panel to give it that ‘Star Trek’ vibe 🙂

At 6.8 quart it’s a decent size too, and comes with a mid ranging price tag that most people would like. Although it is slightly high compared to the other unknown brands, but not by much.

Test Your Metal!

There you have it! If you have been in the market for a stainless steel looking air fryer, look no further. We have all the options you could ever need above. Happy air frying!!

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