Best High End Air Fryers in 2024 [AIR FRYER 101]

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It might seem like an oxymoron, but ‘high end’ and ‘fried’ in the same sentence can actually make sense. For the past few years, there has been a rise in the use of air fryers. So much so that we can now buy high end air fryers. The most feature rich and high-quality air fryers on the market, none the less! If you want the ultimate high-end air fryer, read on to find out which to buy 🙂

What to look for in a high end air fryer?

When buying a high end air fryer, these are some of the factors that I would consider as the Air Fryer Bro:


When you are paying the big bucks for a high end air fryer, it goes without saying that you want one that is high quality and durable. If the non-stick coating starts to peel or screws hang out, this would be a big no-no when you have paid so much.


A high end air fryer also needs to be a unique air fryer. It needs to have at least one special feature that helps it stand out from the crowd. A high end air fryer needs to impress your friends with its innovative and unique design.


The best high end air fryers will also be the most packed with features and useful additions when compared to a standard air fryer. Some of the features to look out for could include multiple baskets, a surprise ingredient drawer, a rotisserie function and auto-cooking programs.


If you want to buy at the very top of the air fryer market, you would expect at least some level of design in the appliance. It should be a statement piece in your kitchen after investing so much in it. Sleek and modern design would be the bare minimum here!!

How Much Would a High End Air Fryer Cost?

People are not yet making gold or diamond encrusted air fryers yet, or certainly not that I know of! This means that when we are talking about high end air fryers, we are talking about something at least $150-200 and above for a standard bucket air fryer and at least $250 for an air fryer oven!

My Top 4 High End Air Fryers!

To view any of the recommended air fryer below over at Amazon, simply click on the image.

1. Ninja DZ401 Foodi 10 Quart 6-in-1 DualZone XL

If you are looking for an air fryer that makes a statement and wows your friends, this Ninja air fryer is perfect! It comes with a space age look that would look great in any kitchen, as well as having the unique feature of a double basket. This means you can cook totally different items in each basket if you would like to. You will get asked all kinds of questions when you have this air fryer on your kitchen counter, I can tell you 🙂

And as a nice little bonus, this air fryer is made by Ninja, one of the most well-known and reputable names in the air fryer world. You know you are buying a quality item backed by a trustworthy company.

The only downside here is that the design is not really that groundbreaking, just sleek and modern. If you want something that looks like it could win design awards, this is not your air fryer 🙂

2. Philips Premium Airfryer XXL with Fat Removal Technology

This Philips air fryer is not hot when it comes to design, looking pretty simple for an air fryer. The most I can say about the design is it has an almost classy simplicity to it. But it won’t exactly wow anyone all the same.

This air fryer is all about buying a high-quality brand. If that is your aim, this Philips air fryer is the one to go for. This is one of the most expensive air fryers in existence, frankly, but you are buying a quality product from a trusted brand. You won’t get flaky non-stick coatings here or 3 month malfunctions! You will have an air fryer that could last for many years.

I have owned a Philips air fryer myself for over five years and it is still going strong! You can’t this about many air fryers these days!

And if you are still not convinced whether this is really a high end air fryer, how about the fact that if you buy this appliance at the time of writing you will get virtual classes with celebrity chef Donatella Arpaia included. You can’t say that for many air fryers!!

3. Cosori Air Fryer, 12-in-1, 6.8-Quart, with Dual Blaze Technology

Like Ninja, Cosori have build a good reputation in the world of air fryers, becoming known for producing quality appliances at good prices. However, in recent years they have started to go harder on the innovation and design side of things, which is great to see. This air fryer is a prime example of this!

Have you ever seen an air fryer that looks like this Cosori one? Probably not! This will lead to a lot of interested glances and comments from your friends. You will have a real statement piece to place in your kitchen.

If that isn’t enough to impress others in your house, this air fryer is a smart air fryer. This means it has Wi-Fi capabilities and can be used with Alexa & Google Assistant. There is a smart app you can download on your device so that you can control this air fryer remotely. Smart stuff!

This air fryer also has unique features. As well as the unique design, it is one of the few air fryers to have two heating elements that come on and off at different times. Not only does this produce unique cooking results, but it also means you don’t need to flip or shake your food! Luxurious in air fryer terms!!

4. Instant Vortex Plus Air Fryer with ClearCook and OdorErase

In a similar vein to the Cosori air fryer above, this Instant Vortex unit has a really unique and interesting design. Its angular design and sloping control panel don’t look like those on an average air fryer, which is what you want when you are buying a high end air fryer!

And Instant Vortex is a well known and quality kitchen appliance brand. You probably know them best for their Instant Pot, that has become a global phenomenon in recent times. You know that Instant Vortex is a brand that you can trust! Key when paying so much for your air fryer!

I really like one particular feature of this air fryer, which is the see-through window that is positioned at the front of the cooking compartment. It is illuminated too, so it makes it real easy to see and monitor any food you are cooking. Although you see these types of windows in air fryer ovens, it’s a rare and premium feature on a traditional style air fryer like this one.

Another special feature that makes this air fryer high end is the fact that it has built in air filters. So no more air frying smells wafting through your kitchen! Clearly that is not something the high end air fryer owner desires 🙂

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