Simple Air Fryer Boiled Eggs! [HARD or SOFT]

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Welcome back to Air Fryer Bro! Today, we will talk about a revelation I had with my air fryer a while ago. I have always loved eating boiled eggs (even as a child), but I had gotten into the habit of not eating them anymore. 

Yes, you can cook eggs in an air fryer!

Simply because every time I tried the traditional method of boiling my eggs in a pan of water, I would always mess it up. The egg yolk would always be too hard or soft. In short, most of the time it would be a disaster. This is why I had given up on eating boiled eggs!

Soft boiled eggs, hard boiled eggs…. it doesn’t matter. I miss them both. Cut them up and make avocado egg salad (yum!) or add to a bacon sandwich. I love the taste and I love the nutrition I get from them! Protein baby!

As you might imagine, I was SO excited when I found out that I can actually cook boiled eggs in my air fryer instead of a pan of boiling water 🙂 To be honest; the thought hadn’t crossed my mind until I came upon someone on Pinterest talking about the subject. I was like, is this even a thing?? Mind blown!! Air fryer boiled eggs!! Let’s go 🙂 Cooked eggs with a totally new cooking process!

On that first try, I was still convinced it was going to be a disaster and I would end up with half cooked egg all over my kitchen. I was so wrong to be worried. Even on my very first try, the egg came out almost perfectly. It just takes a little bit of tinkering depending on the exact air fryer you own. Of course, different air fryers can range in power, meaning you should always work out the exact timing for your model.

The amazing thing is, once you get your timings dialed in, your results will be exactly the same every time! So after a bit of tinkering, I worked out how to get my own version of a perfectly boiled egg.

Look at the amazing results I can get below! This used to be a real effort for me in the past, without my beloved air fryer! I now have to stop myself from eating too many air fryer hard-boiled eggs! ha ha! Just look at that slightly liquid middle to the yolk! Yum! All done with the wonder of hot air!!

My air fried hard boiled eggs! Yummy!
Look at those air fried yolks 🙂

I have a Philips air fryer and this is what I have worked out.

Simply take your egg out of the fridge and place it straight into your air fryer basket (as shown below). Preheating is not needed, as an air fryer gives you instant heat. I like to put mine on for a cook time of 11 minutes at 140 degrees Celsius or 284 Fahrenheit. If you want a softer egg, simply take off a minute from the timings. As I said above, experimentation is needed at the start, especially as everyone likes their eggs in a different way! And you may have to slightly adjust the cook time for a particularly large or small size egg.

As soon as the air fryer stops, take the cooked egg out of the air fryer basket with tongs and drop it into an ice water bath (if you don’t have one, just use fresh cold water from the tap). This is what makes sure that the egg stops cooking and you get the same result each and every time. After a couple of minutes, your air fried egg will be ready to peel and eat 🙂

This is simply the best way I have come up with for air fryer hard or soft boiled eggs! I am sharing so you don’t have to go through the experimentation I did 🙂

My wife likes to have boiled eggs for breakfast, and used to have to mess around with pans of boiling water too, until we found out about this neat air fryer trick! Try it, you may be surprised!

If you have your own experiences cooking boiled eggs in an air fryer, we would love to hear all about your experiences and air fryer recipes in the comments section below! Did you use the same timings? Did they work? It’s always great getting feedback from the air frying community 🙂

That’s all for now, I’m off to cook some eggs 🙂

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